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Happy Booth, August 18 2022

8 Amazing ideas to make your Wedding memorable with Photo Booths

Capturing a special occasion means a great deal, especially if that event is a wedding. To preserve these joyful memories, you can rent a photo booth for a wedding. And we’re not talking about the plain, simple setups that you find at a mall. You would have a vast array of backdrops and setups to select from. So, check out these creative ideas.

Why is a wedding photo booth a great idea for your wedding day?

Many couples envision having a photographer skipping about the venue to capture special candid shots during the ceremony and reception while also taking the time for group and individual shots. Once you add up the number of photos plus the photographer’s price per hour, you may come out with a hefty price tag. However, a photo booth provides more options for group and individual poses along with customized backgrounds. You can even choose a specific type of camera setup to capture your special memories.

The Amazing 8 Ideas

Greenery Wall / Floral Backdrop

A greenery wall complements any color scheme and theme. For a wedding photo booth rental, greenery and flowers make for a versatile backdrop that can be arranged in almost any manner. For instance, most of the background can consist of greenery while the flowers are arranged across the top or curved off to one side. Likewise, you can do the complete opposite with a sizable floral arrangement that’s surrounded by sprigs of ivy or topiaries.

Hanging Frames

An additional romantic touch to add to your wedding, the photo booth consists of hanging picture frames of various coordinating shades, sizes, and shapes. When using several frames, you have the option of hanging them randomly or using them to “frame” the area where the people would stand or sit. You can also hang just one large, decorative frame as your focal point with greenery, flowers, ribbon, or other accessories woven around it. The possibilities are endless.

Glittery Backdrops

Nothing says “Let’s party” like glittery decorations. And what occasion can be more festive than a wedding? A glittery backdrop can take on different forms. You can have a backdrop where tinsel or strings of beads hang from the top and frame the focal point. A sequined curtain or material that’s literally coated in glitter also provides a glamorous background for memorable photos. For extra shine, you can add strings of LED lights.

Wedding Props

Along with these creative ideas, you can opt for the obvious photo booth background which involves wedding-related decor. Alabaster pillars with elegant vases filled with flowers add a touch of romance. Plus, you can incorporate lighting by using faux candles in standing candelabras. And don’t forget to add the names of the happy couple or a “Mr. & Mrs.” across the top.

Balloons Installation

Balloon arches, balloon bouquets, and balloon-covered backdrops offer a fun way to create memorable wedding photos. You coordinate with the bride’s chosen colors for her wedding party or mix and match. If you like a less structured background and framing, you can inflate the balloons, attach decorated ribbons, and simply allow them to float overhead.


And how about a whimsical backdrop that takes you back to your childhood days? As another versatile option, a chalkboard with colored chalk writing proves to be easily customizable. One idea is to write the names of the bridesmaids and groomsmen along with those of the newlywed couple. You can also incorporate blank space surrounded by swirls and other designs. Inside the space, guests can sign their names and include their well wishes for the couple. Don’t forget to take a photo of the board at the end of the reception to capture this priceless memory.

Neon Signs

For a unique and memorable backdrop for your wedding photo booth, consider incorporating neon lights with the couple’s names or “Congratulations” on the signage. The neon sign can also be attached to a greenery backdrop or on a wall. Neon signs are simple in design but add a pop of color and soft lighting for flattering photos.


Additionally, you can integrate modern details like hashtags. This type of signage includes concise details about the event, hashtags related to the couple and their special day, along with a list of social media platforms for sharing your memories. When set against a sophisticated background and printed in the font and color of your choice, this photo booth backdrop makes for easy sharing and gorgeous pics.

As you can see, a wedding photo booth rental can be customized to fit your event’s theme and your own preferences. When planning for your wedding, don’t forget to contact Happy Booth Co. We offer a variety of backgrounds and setups for your special occasion.

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Happy Booth


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