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Happy Booth, June 2 2022

Why should you rent a Photo Booth for your next Event?

Who doesn’t love a wonderful photo? Especially as a souvenir from a memorable event. Whether it is at a wedding reception, corporate event, birthday party, baby shower, graduation party, or even a housewarming party, everyone would love to take some good photos during the party.

With an obvious shift from the old photography systems, like hiring a professional photographer to take individual, group, and candid shots at your event organizers are looking for an easier, less expensive alternative that still preserves memories. This is where photo booths come into play. With their mobility and versatility, guests (who want to pose for a picture) have more fun posing in groups or individually. Plus, they get the exact photos that they want without being bombarded with numerous prints to choose from.

What is a Photo Booth?

This fun, celebratory trend is becoming a mainstay at special events. A photo booth is a transportable kiosk that takes photos of you, friends, guests, or team members—at an event—while having fun with/without props in front of a backdrop. Consequently, the pictures would make a wonderful souvenir for both you and your guests. Your guests will value photographs of themselves with their friends, children, or date. Plus, you will still have photos of your guests to look back on while they were having a good time—without hiring a photographer.

Top Amazing reasons you should rent a photo booth for your next event

Over the years, the popularity of photo booth rentals has increased. With social media tools like Snapchat and Instagram available at your fingertips, you might think that photo booths have become extinct. However, this is untrue, as more people are looking to rent them. Why?

It's Very Cost-effective

Hiring a photo booth is one way to save money when planning an event along with time and effort. You may be charged per hour if you use it, giving you the advantage of having the booth open for only a portion of the event.

You can fully customize it according to the Occasion

Organizers can customize photo booths to fit any theme. Whether you prefer an enclosed or open photo booth, there is something for everyone that suit any occasion.


These days, photo booths are now constructed to be portable, allowing the service to carry and set it up in various locations. Even with backdrops and other add-ons, photo booths can be moved in and out of the location easily and quickly.

Wide Range of Photobooths

With its popularity, your guests can enjoy unique experiences from a variety of photo booths you can choose from. Some of these photo booths are:-

Classic Booth – the one that resembles what you’ve seen at a mall or game room.

Open-Air Booth – a booth that has a tall, thin mechanism that takes the photos but no enclosure.

Cloud Booth – a pre-made widget that allows users to view and share photos from your website.

Flo Printing Booth – this type of open booth has the capability of printing as well as sending photos through email or text.

Augmented Reality Booth – a setup where guests are displayed as a 3D image on a screen; guests also use hand gestures to manipulate the virtual background, costumes, and props.

Retro Booth – a camera and light on a stand that resembles the classic, turn-of-the-century setup.

Backdrops – another option that pairs well with an open setup where a screen with a scene, color, or pattern is displayed behind the subjects.

Tips before renting a Photobooth

Before going all in, you should consider some factors, advantages, and challenges that come with renting a photo booth for your event. Here are a few considerations:

When you find a photo booth service that checks all items on this list, then you’re ready to book them.

Why Happyboothco?

Happyboothco is a professional photo booth rental company in Houston that gives the best digital experience for any event. You can choose the ideal backdrop for your event from our extensive selection, and our professional Canon DSLR camera will shoot high-definition photographs. Your visitors will receive photos, videos, boomerangs, and GIFs to remember your amazing event, ranging from dazzling, full-color shots to glamorous black and white photos. Most importantly, they’ll take home these mementos that last forever.

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