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Happy Booth, September 14 2022

Top 7 Trendy Pose Ideas for a Photo Booth

If you’ve rented a wedding photo booth or a photo booth for another special occasion, you know the quality of the pics will be flawless. Likewise, if you’re wondering if your guests will have any ideas for poses or if they need some inspiration, look no further because we have brought you 7 of the trendy poses that work with any number of people in just about any setting.

Top 7 Photobooth Poses Ideas

The Prom Pose

The Prom Pose is one of the most employed party poses for any special occasion—especially where couples are present. For this pose, the guy stands behind the girl with his hands at her waist. In this instance, the couple is also facing the camera at an angle. A comical take on this pose includes a role reversal where the girl stands behind the guy. Another variation involves the couple posed with their arms around each other and smiling at the camera or gazing into each other’s eyes.

The Big Kiss

This pose might “pose” a challenge for couples since it involves holding a kiss until after the flash goes off. While this is not an easy feat, this pose is one of the most popular, especially for a wedding photo booth. Nonetheless, the Big Kiss has often been employed at dances as well.

Duck Lips

Social media has gone complete “quackers” over this pose. Probably one of the most popular of all the trendy poses, the Duck Lips pose is one of the silliest facial expressions that you can show off in front of the camera. Just remember, you’re puckering your lips while pushing them toward your nose almost as if you’re going to block your nostrils—like a duck’s bill.

The Pick-Up

Just like the Prom Pose, you can also take the comical route (if possible) with the girl picking the guy instead of the traditional roles. Otherwise, the duo can go with the usual pose. However, what makes this photo a classic is if one partner picks up the other without expecting it. The facial expressions prove to be priceless.

Grab Some Props

Mustaches, hats, oversized glasses, and boas! The sky is practically the limit when it comes to trendy poses that include props. As an illustration, if you’re planning a Mardi Gras party or dance, you can incorporate strings of beads, colorful feather boas, and green, blue, or purple masks. Props add to the fun and charm of the photo booth.

Dance Moves

Whether you’re dabbing solo, or you’re dipping your partner, dance moves also make for excellent party poses. You can encourage your guests to take on their best jazz or ballet stances or get a group of four to pose in the YMCA formation. (Remember the song by the 70’s group, The Village People?)

Kiss on the Cheek

And finally, another popular pose for a wedding photo booth is the kiss on the cheek. Usually, this pose consists of the bride with her parents on either side or the groom posed with his parents in a similar manner. You can also include the flower girls and ring bearers in on the fun with this trendy idea.

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